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Stolen passwords are the leading cause of data breaches and stolen identities. So why are you using a password manager that requires a password to get in?

PassHub uses PassKey Lite, a secure mobile authentication app to login; it is easy to use, and it's free.

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Download the PassKey Lite app on the App Store or Google Play


Navigate to PassHub and see a unique QR code. Open your PassKey Lite app.


Match the camera window in your app with the QR code on the PassHub home page. If you're on a smartphone, go to PassHub and tap the QR code on your screen.


That’s it! You're logged in securely, without the risks and pains of passwords.


  • WWPass presents PassKey and PassKey Lite—security tokens that verify your identity through our patented WWPass distributed data store network.
  • Like a credit card, PassKey is backed up with a PIN as the second verification step. We don’t save it anywhere on our system to prevent hijacking while putting strong customer authentication in your hands.
  • Phishing, man-in-the-middle, or network attacks are all ineffective when you hold the key.
  • Other password managers use a master password to get in, and unfortunately, they get stolen too. With PassKey DDS authentication, hackers will have their hands full trying to steal or decrypt your PassKey.


PassKey Lite

Turn your smartphone into an encryption device:


Free password manager for teams and individuals:

  • Locked passwords in a storage safe that only your PassKey can unlock
  • Easy safe sharing for friends and coworkers
  • Eliminates hacking and scams by design

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."

-Bruce SchneierSocial Engineering: People Hacking

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