Is HBO Missing a Royal(ty) Opportunity with Game of Thrones?

The Lannisters always pay their debts...until the commoners discover that they can cut the cord and use borrowed credentials to short-change the crown on cable taxes.

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Does Hulu, HBO, and Netflix Hate Money?

Changing authentication methods could save streaming apps and services a ton of money from freeloaders. A recent Reuters article suggests that password sharing for major streaming services Netflix and Hulu will be a major issue soon. In an analysis performed by Parks Associates, they estimate streaming providers will lose $550 million in 2019 from password sharing.

But there are potentially billions of dollars in losses from shared credentials. From illegitimate users borrowing accounts to cheating on free trial periods, letting these potential customers continue to stream freely is starting to make everyone sweat a little.  

Three Ways Usernames Put You At Risk

Usernames aren’t doing us any favors. They only serve one real purpose: locate the data that’s ours so we can apply a password to it. Since there aren’t any reasonable or more convenient alternatives to recalling data, this process isn’t about to change anytime soon. For now, a “username” is the most intuitive data label, and that’s bad.

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Petya Strikes: Don't Be the Next Victim

A new strain of ransomware has appeared on devices throughout multiple countries. On June 27, 2017, Petya ransomware began spreading itself to devices at large organizations across Europe. This is an unsettling trend in 2017 that seems to be the same recurring nightmare, one that almost no one is safe from.

Three Companies Making Boston Business Safer

Here at WWPass, we’ve gotten to know many companies and small businesses throughout New England, and we respect what they’ve done to bring innovation to the region. As a small business ourselves, we understand challenges that entrepreneurs face as well as the opportunities that come from networking and partnerships. While successfully growing as a company is hard enough, having a robust cybersecurity plan in place adds a whole new element to navigate.

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The Block Party of Tech: Boston TechJam 2017 Roundup

Boston’s leading tech companies convened on City Hall Plaza to celebrate and accelerate the city’s success. As far as ‘conventions’ go, this was completely outside typical standards. TechJam seems more like a county fair; you know the ones—games, prizes, a more than adequate amount of glow light necklaces. Each tent—or ‘village’ as the event organizers describe them—was titled to characterize the mission of the companies that inhabited them: be bold, be creative, be smart, be strong, and be innovative.

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The Key Problem With Business Network Security: Why Do Banks and Hospitals Keep Using Passwords?

All cyber attacks begin with the password. The goals of hackers may be different, but their methods of intrusion are always the same: trick the password out of the user somehow. Sadly, the likelihood of someone stealing your password is greater now than it ever has been. It makes you wonder why bank customers and still have them, or why hospital staff uses them to store patient records on older and exploitable machines.

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The Hidden Menace: Malware Threats and the Costs of True Network Security

2017 is set to become the year of file-locking malware. Aptly dubbed ransomware, various computer systems across the world had their files encrypted by a program called WannaCry. From personal and work computers to hospital systems with private patient data, approximately 57,000 computers were infected by mid-May, with an estimated 200,000 devices across the globe being potentially infected.

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5 Features to Look For In a Password Manager

You’ve heard the horror stories of passwords being stolen for years now. From email scams to illegal data mining, it seems that no password is ever safe. Also, each new app or service requires one more username and password that needs attention and protection. It puts everyone at the crossroads where sophisticated hacking meets too many angles of attack.

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Four Ways Your Passwords Are Failing You

Password panic has hit an all-time high: Yahoo email servers were spied on for years, Target exposed millions of customers’ credit and debit card numbers, and politicians mucked up our politics, all because someone locked their email accounts with weak credentials. The common thread in all of these major hacks is one simple and glaring flaw: a weak password.

These unwanted intrusions are common and only getting more frequent. It’s also notoriously difficult to police as well. Hacking is a highly skilled crime, and most law enforcement authorities don’t have the expertise or jurisdiction to track and arrest them.

It’s becoming a substantial business expense too: The price of just one security breach averages four million dollars and the overall damage is bad enough for Internet authorities to take action. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the information technology wing of the US government, is experimenting and weighing the benefits of multiple passwordless methods of access control.

Since it seems problem will never completely disappear, cyber security is just a part of doing business online. But how do we make accounts truly secure again

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