Leave “Login with Facebook” behind

by Perry Chaffee, on Wed 01 August 2018

Have you stumbled on a new online store or game only to have it request you sign in via your Facebook profile or Google account? Your reaction may have been acceptance at using a short opt-in method to gain access, or it may have been to abandon the site—reluctant to provide personal details or visibility to your private profile. As a site owner, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective users, which can help you understand the trade-offs that come with the perceived ease of social logins. Here are the pros and cons.

Social logins and your hidden costs

Creating a new username and password can be a hassle, and by the time a new visitor registers, they may have abandoned the purchasing intent they originally had when they first arrived on your site. A social login plugin may be tempting and easy to implement, but what do you give up by relying on another potentially competitive network? By granting access to your site and your users, the social login potentially gains insights about your user activity around the site. By relinquishing control over your customer creation and acquisition, you could potentially cede valuable insights about buyer behavior and preferences.

Permissions needed from your customers

As you’ve probably encountered from the first site gateway, when a user encounters a request for information, the connection to a Facebook profile, Google account, LinkedIn, Twitter, OpenID or other can seem like a bigger ask than is necessary. These users will wonder, “Who has control over posting on my behalf?” “What photos can this network see?” “What will it learn from my profile and friends?” “What other activity will it access?” New visitors tend to think twice if a social login is the only option.

Social login alternatives

Rather than relying on a social login, which could potentially expose your users to third-party breaches, there are ways to keep user info with just the customer. Look for authentication methods that assure end-to-end encryption, which ensures that you and any partners or service providers never have access to private information or logins. Additionally, you can make life even easier for new customers by using authentication technology that doesn’t need passwords or social profile connections at all.

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