Where convenience doesn't compromise security.

Usernames and passwords leave you and your users vulnerable to attacks. Enhance your application and website security with the most secure and truly private authentication available.

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For Biz Page (3).png  Authorizing users and recovering devices is easily managed with our software pack, which means you are in total control of your accounts and services.


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WWPass offers unique and patented authorization that allows users to login with their unique PassKey across all enabled websites and services. Imagine one key to access any account or application.

SMS messages can be intercepted. Biometric data can be cloned without your knowledge. Trust the only solution with an authentication model that works.

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Authentication keys for your business:

PassKey Lite

Free smartphone-based app:

  • Easy to use and compatible with all devices
  • Great for individual team members or temporary access
  • Total credential-less login, no data to steal


Free password manager:

  • Shared password directories for teams
  • Instant administrative control
  • Fully compatible with PassKey or PassKey Lite

Login/Authentication without usernames and passwords

Secure data storage

Self-service for user independance

AES-256 encryption in tandem with Reed-Solomon algorithms for superior theft prevention

Easy to implement

100% private and anonymous

Integrate with any web resource that requires a login

90-day money back guarantee

"Passwords are a disaster from a security perspective."

-Jeremy Grant, NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace)

Revolutionize the way you login.

Save time and cut costs with PassKey security!

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