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63% of data breaches occur due to stolen usernames and passwords. So why are you storing your logins in a password manager that requires a password to get in?! 
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Usernames and passwords are a hacker’s greatest strength and your greatest weakness.  And constant password resets and recovery are a headache. Passhub stores passwords securely without having to remember or reset a password again. 

Secure. Easy to use. 100% free. 


Download the PassKey Lite app on the App Store or Google Play


With the Passkey Lite App open, navigate to PassHub on your desktop browser and see a unique QR code. 


Match the camera window in the app with the QR code on PassHub home page. For smartphone access, tapping the QR code in your phone's browser will activate the app.


That's it! Your securely logged into PassHub and can start storing and sharing passwords.


 No more writing down  or memorizing passwords. Securely store your passwords in a password vault that you access by scanning a unique QR code with your mobile device.  

Accessible via a unique QR code on your mobile device, only you can access the information in your encrypted vault — not even we can. All of your data is secured with AES-256 encryption.


Easy to use and 100% free

Our unique app logs you into PassHub securely

Password generator gives you strong credentials

Share your passwords with family or coworkers

Proven AES-256 encryption standard

Import/Export your password vaults

Store notes or instructions along with your passwords

No more memorization or security headaches

"The whole notion of passwords is based on an oxymoron. The idea is to have a random string that is easy to remember. Unfortunately, if it's easy to remember, it's something nonrandom like 'Susan.' And if it's random, like 'r7U2*Qnp,' then it's not easy to remember."

-Bruce Schneier

Store your passwords with peace of mind.

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