PassKey Lite

Safe Login. Fast Access. No Passwords.

Try PassKey Lite for yourself and use our free password manager!

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Download the PassKey Lite app on the App Store or Google Play.

Navigate to PassHub and see a unique QR code. Open your PassKey Lite app.

Match the camera window on the app with the QR code on the website. If you're on a smartphone, go to PassHub and tap the QR code on your screen.

That’s it! You're logged in securely, without the risks and pains of passwords.


Securely store your passwords in PassHub, a password manager locked down with your PassKey Lite. Make life easier and safer with a single authentication device.

Memorable passwords get hacked and hard-to-hack passwords are forgotten all the time. PassKey Lite means never having to worry about password recovery again.


With PassKey Lite, you can make your smartphone a secure defense for online accounts.

Login/Authentication without usernames and passwords

Secure data storage

Strong 2FA and backup options

100% data privacy

Faster login, no more memorization

Non-intrusive, open source password manager

Compatible with any web service

Password-less authentication saves time and reduces costs

"Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it's money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain."

-Kevin Mitnick