Single Sign On Solutions and How They Make You Vulnerable

Single sign-on could be the closest thing we have to an authoritative and universal passport, both for your local device and the internet in general. But authentication that excludes intruders and also proves the user's identity is still an area that stops most SSO solutions from ever getting it completely right.

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How We All Pay The Price for Identity Theft

We can thank identity theft for sixteen billion dollars going missing in 2016. Digital identity theft is a lucrative and sinister business where perpetrators rarely get caught, and recovered funds are even rarer. Merchants and card companies usually fight over liability while the victim has to pick up the pieces, and in some rare cases, get the bill too.

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Once More Into the Breach: Log In Safer to Stop the Data Leaks

Late-breaking news: Company X unintentionally exposed X million customers in latest breach. If you’re not used to that headline already, you probably should. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me roughly 250 times, and well, we’re beyond shame at this point. It’s time for an authentication overhaul. Now the headline should be: “Company X got hacked. Your passwords should be changed, but they’ll work this time. Honest.”

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To protect access to proprietary code, Solared Security chooses WWPass authentication


In today’s world, computer code represents one of the mostvaluable IP assets. When submitted for static analysis, either to an on-premises system or a cloud service, owners of the code must be confident that neither the code itself nor the results of their analyses could fall into the wrong hands.To ensure peace of mind for its customers, Solared Security protected access to its software for cloud-based and on-premises installations with the WWPass authentication mechanism. Access to the code under test and analysis results is only possible for authorized users who possess either WWPass PassKey Lite applications on their smartphones or, for the most secure environments, an original WWPass PassKey (USB/NFC dongle -- see 


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Is HBO Missing a Royal(ty) Opportunity with Game of Thrones?

The Lannisters always pay their debts...until the commoners discover that they can cut the cord and use borrowed credentials to short-change the crown on cable taxes.

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Do Hulu, HBO, and Netflix Hate Money?

Changing authentication methods could save streaming apps and services a ton of money from freeloaders. A recent Reuters article suggests that password sharing for major streaming services Netflix and Hulu will be a major issue soon. In an analysis performed by Parks Associates, they estimate streaming providers will lose $550 million in 2019 from password sharing.

But there are potentially billions of dollars in losses from shared credentials. From illegitimate users borrowing accounts to cheating on free trial periods, letting these potential customers continue to stream freely is starting to make everyone sweat a little.  

How to Secure Your Online Banking Without Passwords

Why don’t banks make you use multi-factor authentication? Gmail has two-factor authentication you can set up right now. You can do the same thing for Apple and Microsoft accounts too. Wisely, popular online payment services PayPal, Venmo, and Square offer and recommend two-factor authentication as well. But setting up 2FA at your bank? You’d be hard pressed to find one that even offers it, let alone encourages you to set it up.

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Three Ways Usernames Put You At Risk

Usernames aren’t doing us any favors. They only serve one real purpose: locate the data that’s ours so we can apply a password to it. Since there aren’t any reasonable or more convenient alternatives to recalling data, this process isn’t about to change anytime soon. For now, a “username” is the most intuitive data label, and that’s bad.

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Petya Strikes: Don't Be the Next Victim

A new strain of ransomware has appeared on devices throughout multiple countries. On June 27, 2017, Petya ransomware began spreading itself to devices at large organizations across Europe. This is an unsettling trend in 2017 that seems to be the same recurring nightmare, one that almost no one is safe from.

Three Companies Making Boston Business Safer

Here at WWPass, we’ve gotten to know many companies and small businesses throughout New England, and we respect what they’ve done to bring innovation to the region. As a small business ourselves, we understand challenges that entrepreneurs face as well as the opportunities that come from networking and partnerships. While successfully growing as a company is hard enough, having a robust cybersecurity plan in place adds a whole new element to navigate.

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