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Stolen passwords are the leading cause of data breaches and stolen identities. So, why are you using a password vault that requires a password to get in?

PassHub doesn't rely on master passwords, is easy to use, and it's free.

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The age of the password has come to an end; we just haven’t realized it yet. Passwords are as old as civilization. And for as long as they’ve existed, people have been breaking them.

-Mat Honan, Wired Magazine


Download the PassKey Lite app at the App Store or Google Play.


Navigate to PassHub and see a unique QR code. Open your PassKey Lite app.


Match the camera window on the app with the QR code on the website. If you're on a smartphone, go to PassHub and tap the QR code on your screen.


That’s it! You're logged in securely, without the risks and pains of passwords.

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PassKey offers unique and patented technology that allows users to login without using passwords. Whether it's a PC, tablet, or smartphone itself, access to your accounts is fast and secure.

SMS can be intercepted. Biometric data can be cloned without your knowledge. Trust the only solution with your privacy in mind. No one can access your data but you.

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Login without usernames and passwords

Free, unintrusive, open source password vault

Strong 2FA and backup options

100% private and anonymous

Save time and money with logical security

Faster login, no more memorization

Compatible with all devices

Secure data storage

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