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We’ll help you protect your company and ensure your customers’ data is safe in an increasingly complex, vulnerable world. We fit our authentication and encryption technology to your business, ensuring you implement the right solution to stay secure and compliant.

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Password-less login that's as convenient as it is secure

Passwords are dead – and for good reason. Stolen credentials are the leading cause of data breaches, not to mention how annoying remembering and resetting passwords is for users. It’s time for a new way to log in: one that eliminates usernames and passwords, allows easy access from any device, and uses multi-layered security.

3 Paths to smarter, safer data access


Multi-factor authentication

Eliminate usernames and passwords to protect sensitive data and gain the convenience of a single PassKey, our secure electronic ID, to access an unlimited number of accounts.

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Client-side encryption

Securely store and manage access to confidential data with a combination of data segregation, server-side encryption and client-side encryption.

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Universal ID

Give users the convenience of one consolidated, digital ID while improving the protection of confidential data and personally identifiable information.

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Everything you need to protect your business and customers against breaches

Reduce access management costs

Cut costs from resetting passwords, using SMS as a second factor and needing multiple authentication fobs or badges.

Protect revenue from shared credentials

Onboard more users instead of allowing access to unpaying freeloaders.

Deliver a standout user experience

One electronic key opens many doors, and there’s no need to remember lists of usernames or passwords that may already be compromised.

Eliminate human- readable credentials as first factor

Access doesn’t rely on usernames or passwords, keeping data and user identities safe.

Secure data with distributed data storage (DDS)

Data is encrypted and stored across multiple storage nodes for protection from hackers and resiliency against disasters.

Enable access across devices and for any web service

Provide the same simple experience, no matter how your users access their accounts.

Enable multiple factors and security layers

Choose from multiple factors, such as biometrics, for additional security layers to best meet your needs and maintain compliance with multiple data protection regulations.

Choose the best-fit hardware token

Select any form-factor, including a mobile app, USB stick and card, based on what token makes sense for your business and customers.

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