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Forget all Usernames and Passwords

Login into a growing number of online services with your WWPass Key as a universal key to the digital world


Enable next-generation strong multiple factor authentication without usernames and passwords.


Simplify and streamline secure access to any business application without a username and password.

WWPass Key

Self-sovereign identity: decentralized, secure, convenient, private.

Strategic Security Consulting

WWPass's strategic consulting group works with your company's security and IT officers to explore all of the opportunities to transform your security ecosystem.

Professional Advisory

Realize the business value of implementing WWPass technology for your security needs.

The New Way of Authentication

No Usernames, No Passwords
No Identity Theft

Convenient Login without Usernames and Passwords

Excellent convenience: no need for something to remember, to manage, to reset, to protect, and to exchange.

Identity Protection

No Username - No Password - No Phishing for credentials. With WWPass login user identity is no longer the starting point of a login process. It is rather a result of a highly protected authentication and verification process, which utilizes a cryptographic token (WWPass Key).

WWPass Key — Unified user experience

Consolidation of all logins — business and private — in one protected Authentication Token without local and central data storage.

Easy Self-management

Self-management of Authentication token with reset, revoke and self-administration.

New era of data security

Zero knowledge and zero trust. All data is encrypted by the user, and there is no central data storage for encrypted information, and no sharing with unauthorized third parties.

Electronic Identity for all services

Digital identity is self-directed by the owner, international and cross boarding is trusted if required by authorities and anonymous if allowed.

Saving up to 80% of login costs

Strong client authentication following GDPR and NIIST with MFA on board of WWPass Key.

No need in OTP, SMS, and other 2FA. No reset of passwords and administrative support for logins. No need in extra costly adaptive authentication.

Best-fit hardware token

Select any form-factor, including a mobile app, USB-NFC stick and card, based on what token makes sense for your business and customers.

Why WWPass Technology?

It is about the future

Eliminate human-readable credentials.

Unique Experience

Unified login process by all enabled resources.

Security by Design

Protect user identity and corporate data by design.

Cost Saving

Identity as a Service with Zero-Knowledge, integrated protection, MFA, and high scalability.

WWPass Login without Usernames and Passwords

18 September 2020 by Gluu Team

Good security starts at the login screen. With the WWPass mobile app or token, users can easily log in to all their enabled applications without the need for inherently insecure username/password architectures.

Coming soon: Important updates in PassKey mobile apps

03 August 2020 by WWPass Team

We're excited to introduce WWPass Key, a new version of your WWPass PassKey! Transition is seamless, secure, and your PIN stays the same.

WWPass Migrates From RSA to Elliptic Curves

22 June 2020 by WWPass Team

RSA algorithms, while well established and widely used, are notorious for high computational power demands and ever-increasing requirements for a key length. Elliptic curves become more popular now with shorter keys and faster processing. The new algorithm also features uncompromising one-way encryption, essential for WWPass operations.

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