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See our patented authentication and security technology in action using PassKey Lite, integrating with IBM Security Access Manager and more.

Introducing PassKey Lite

  PassKey Lite is a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that turns a mobile device into a lightweight and easy-to-use WWPass PassKey. PassKey Lite allows users to authenticate on WWPass-enabled websites and WWPass-enabled applications.

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Protect your business from data breaches with strong authentication using the patented PassKey™ solution

  • Prevents credential theft
  • Eliminates username and password logon

  • Immune to phishing and man-in-the-middle/browser attacks

  • Encrypts, fragments, and disperses identity data in the cloud

In almost 76% of data breaches, the cyber crooks gained access through stolen user credentials.


Convenient and fast multi-factor logon
The PassKey replaces the username

Preventing credential theft from cyber criminals

Without usernames there is nothing to impersonate

Secure multi-lateral authentication
The website/application authenticates with WWPass

Protecting users from phishing and spoofing

The user is authenticated by WWPass using his PassKey

Protecting your business from fraudulent logons

“WWPass provides two-factor authentication that is as easy to use as my debit card.”

Amy Gilvary, VoicePix


Application & Website Security

WWPass provides strong two-factor authentication security and privacy protection.

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Single Sign-On

Securely connect your users to your applications without risky usernames and passwords. wwGate combines security and convenience.

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Cloud Storage

Meeting compliance requirements for data storage has never been so easy. wwSafe provides a secure option for storing and sharing in the cloud.

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