Is Open Source Secure?

by Mike & Trenton, on Fri 22 December 2023

Discover how addresses security concerns by embracing transparency and collaboration. Learn why showing the code internals enhances trust and security, contrasting with the pitfalls of closed-source systems. How open-source practices, peer review, and the use of widely-accepted cryptographic algorithms contribute to robust security. Plus, get insights into the broader open-source ecosystem's role in ensuring reliability and mitigating risks like backdoors.

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What Uber’s latest hack means for multi-factor authentication

by Nick Moran, on Tue 18 October 2022

Uber suffered a jarring security breach in September, forcing the company and spectators to reevaluate the security of their login systems. While failsafes were in place, the attack still demonstrated the vulnerabilities of multifactor authentication. In this blog post, we evaluate the scope and impact of the attack, and explore opportunities to address vulnerabilities.

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Interview With Eugene Shablygin

by Aviva Zacks, on Tue 08 February 2022

Private Internet Access recently interviewed Eugene Shablygin, CEO of WWPass. We asked him about his company’s information storage technology and how users can log in seamlessly without passwords.

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Five Methods of Securing Your Document Management System Data

by Perry Chaffee, on Tue 13 April 2021

Document Management Systems (DMS) are often the digital backbones of businesses, with the ability to hold and process sensitive data. But with a rise in hacking, bad agents are picking apart classic components to crack open these treasure troves of data. To best protect your DMS, consider these five tactics.

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