Five Methods of Securing Your Document Management System Data

by Perry Chaffee, on Tue 13 April 2021

Document Management Systems (DMS) are often the digital backbones of businesses, with the ability to hold and process sensitive data. But with a rise in hacking, bad agents are picking apart classic components to crack open these treasure troves of data. To best protect your DMS, consider these five tactics.

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Interview with WWPass CEO

by Aviva Zacks, on Mon 30 November 2020

When Aviva Zacks of Safety Detective sat down with Eugene Shablygin, CEO of WWPass, she didn’t know what to expect. She knew he had been a nuclear scientist, but had no idea how that would translate into being a cybersecurity expert.

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WWPass Login without Usernames and Passwords

by Gluu Team, on Fri 18 September 2020

Good security starts at the login screen. With the WWPass mobile app or token, users can easily log in to all their enabled applications without the need for inherently insecure username/password architectures.

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WWPass Migrates From RSA to Elliptic Curves

by WWPass Team, on Mon 22 June 2020

RSA algorithms, while well established and widely used, are notorious for high computational power demands and ever-increasing requirements for a key length. Elliptic curves become more popular now with shorter keys and faster processing. The new algorithm also features uncompromising one-way encryption, essential for WWPass operations.

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