How secure is your account with two-factor authentication codes

by Eugene Shablygin, on Wed 08 May 2019

If you wouldn’t give a surgeon’s knife to a lumberjack for chopping down a tree, or an axe to a surgeon for performing surgery, why would you require your users to login with usernames, passwords, and obsolete two-factor authentication when Right Factor Authentication is the right tool for making your online accounts secure?

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Why I am not surprised

by Eugene Shablygin, on Mon 18 February 2019

Continuing to use usernames and passwords also known as Human Readable Credentials (HRC) is the definition of insanity. We all know they don’t work, so why do we keep using them over and over again and expecting different results each time?

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Not all authentication QR codes are created equal

by Perry Chaffee, on Mon 04 February 2019

QR codes get a bad rap due to all the people who’ve used them incorrectly. However, they can solve the single biggest problem in cybersecurity today when implemented correctly; replacing usernames, passwords, and other unsafe human readable credentials.

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