Your personal informaton was compromised – what now? Secure universal identicaton (SUID) to the rescue.

by Perry Chaffee, on Fri 15 June 2018

We’ve become numb to hacks and data breaches. Think about it: Your password or credit card number was compromised. You’ll just change it, as advised. Your phone number was put on the dark web. It’s already out there in so many places, why does it matter anymore? But what happens when it’s your social security number (SSN)? It’s more complicated, and it’s the exact reason it’s time for a secure universal identification (SUID) solution.

Current identification methods are weak

Last year’s Equifax breach not only forced Americans to discuss the already-known fact that our personal information is extremely valuable, but highlighted how relying on numbers to assure people’s identities (aka SSNs) is wrong and outdated. In fact, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University discovered they could develop an algorithm to guess SSNs from publicly available information.

Whenever we need to prove our identity, we are forced to provide various forms of information to confirm we are who we say we are, which is what driver’s licenses, ID cards and SSNs currently do. When we log into most of our online accounts we use passwords and usernames – also known as human-readable credentials (HRCs) – which are the leading cause of data breaches and identity crime.

Secure universal identification is a more secure option

What we need is something to replace SSNs, HRCs and consolidate all your accounts and ID cards into one secure and convenient card. SUID is the solution. A correctly implemented SUID application protects our privacy rights better than existing authentication methods, and dramatically reduces the prevalence of data breaches, identity theft and myriad other resulting crimes and problems.

SUID is a method of authentication that uses a device like a smartcard or USB to replace everything from logins to ID badges. The device’s technology is unique to both the user and the application, company or government agency, and there are no backdoors because the user’s identity is unintelligible to attackers, ensuring security for both parties. With SUID, criminals are unable to create a fake license or ID, and users will no longer have to remember or keep track of usernames, passwords and other credentials.

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