One convenient universal identity for our internet-connected world

Universal ID

Is any personal data truly confidential anymore?

Thanks to lax security requirements and easy-to-guess passwords, personal data loss is rampant, and too many people experience identity fraud. Personal data is vulnerable to attacks when it is stored in multiple global directories, and it is also difficult to access and integrate with other systems. Separate ID cards, entry keys or store cards for tens – or even hundreds – of organizations requiring the same identifying factors inconvenience users.

One secure, electronic universal ID to unlock every door

The WWPass universal ID solution provides a single WWPass Key app that authenticates a user’s identity and ensures the right person is presenting it. We store sensitive personal data with the utmost protection, while providing controlled access to relevant pieces of data associated with the ID by multiple authorized agencies and other entities for authentication and verification. You can securely verify users’ identities and they only need to rely on one ID anywhere they go.

One universal WWPass Key ID can replace existing IDs for:

Digital access management to websites, SaaS apps and more

Physical access management to buildings, labs or transportation centers

Insurance cards and proof of coverage

Government, student or other ID cards

Licensing (professional or hunting/fishing/firearms)

Consolidated IDs, including licenses, social security cards, passports, birth certificates, insurance cards, membership and rewards cards

Securely manage passwords

One WWPass Key, many accounts

One secure electronic ID, or WWPass Key, can prove a user’s identity or grant access where needed.

One WWPass Key, many forms

Choose whichever WWPass Key is most convenient for your business:



With WWPass Key App for Android and iOS devices, you turn users' smartphones into a secure key that replaces usernames and passwords.



The WWPass smartcard is our answer to card-based security and identification. A versatile option that can be used simply as a security token or for an all-purpose access ID card.



Log into our utilities and other WWPass-supported services with the original WWPass Key smartstick, a security token that makes your passwords history.

How it works

  1. User presents their WWPass Key to log in to your app or website.
  2. Your site and the user’s WWPass Key mutually authenticate with WWPass by challenge response.
  3. A unique combination of the user and website IDs create a pointer to application-specific data containers, which are sent to the service provider via SSL. The user's identity is unintelligible to attackers, and it is never disclosed to WWPass itself.
  4. We validate the WWPass Key, and the user is logged in quickly and securely.

When both keys are provided through a secure authenticated and encrypted datalink, WWPass locates the pieces of data associated with this pair of keys, and unlocks a data container for just those data pieces. Each data container is independent and isolated. Only when two parties are authenticated does the data appear.

Why we're different

Quick, secure password-less login

Eliminate human-readable credentials as first factor, keeping data and user identities safe.

Strong right-factor authentication

Enable multi-factors and security layers to best meet your security needs and maintain compliance with multiple data protection regulations.

100% data privacy and anonymity

Accounts are completely isolated from each other to ensure data cannot be accessed by anyone other than the owner.

Secure distributed data storage

Data is encrypted and stored across multiple storage nodes for protection from hackers and resiliency against disasters.

Enable access across devices for any web service

Provide the same simple experience, no matter how your users verify their accounts or identity.

ID consolidation and counterfeiting protection

Replace hundreds of ID, membership, insurance and other cards with just one, secure WWPass Key app.


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