About WWPass

Ditch your passwords. Protect your data. Sleep well.

WWPass is a global cybersecurity company that provides username and password-less authentication and client-side encryption technology. We battle data breaches and identity theft day in and day out, using our advanced distributed and secure storage mechanisms. Users get a secure experience – without compromising convenience.

We protect confidential enterprise data from increasingly sophisticated security threats, both internal and external.

We help businesses in finance, e-commerce, insurance, software, higher education, entertainment and other industries to provide their customers and employees with superior security.

Your data is secure with WWPass, and your customers are happy.

Who we are

Cyber security experts. Nuclear physicists. Military cyber warfare officers. Serial entrepreneurs. Top-notch developers. We’re a global, interdisciplinary team with top talent from the security, technology and business fields. Founded in 2008, we know how to help businesses and consumers build their security defenses against today’s cyber risks.

We’re located across the world with U.S. offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and a European point of presence in Canton Schwyz, Switzerland.

Our technology

We’ve developed data protection you can trust. Our technology is protected by 13 patents in the U.S., Canada, EU and Japan. Sensitive data like encryption keys and other confidential information is stored in WWPass distributed storage. These keys can be used to encrypt data in various storage environments and databases, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access to information – even if data is stolen. Twelve data storage nodes that store encrypted fragments of the encryption keys are hosted on WWPass owned and operated servers in ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified colocation facilities.

Defence Innovation Award 2017