WWPass Technology Whitepapers

Digital transformation, a future of username-less, and password-less authentication, secure cloud storage of data - WWPass innovates IT business.

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  1. How WWPass Authentication Works

    Login and authentication without a username and password — we explain how it works and what is behind it.

  2. WWPass Technology in Depth

    Documentation explaining authentication steps, involved parties, technical specifications, and the structure of decentralized data storage.

  3. PassHub Security Explained

    WWPass password manager, PassHub, strong user authentication without a username, password, and master password, alongside client-side encryption and sharing capabilities. View all important features at a glance.

  4. Contemporary WWPass Encryption Key Management Architecture

    Protection of encryption/decryption keys using WWPass distributed data storage and client-side encryption.

  5. What “Two Factor Authentication” Misses

    Getting a “second factor” for authenticating users in addition to a username-and-password is marketed as the go-to protection against attacks on corporate IT systems. However, this “rule-of-thumb” recommendation represents a missed opportunity for improving authentication security non-incrementally and also misses an important aspect of how attackers operate.

  6. 2FA’s costly misnomers and misconceptions

    Two-factor authentication as currently implemented by the overwhelming majority of security products incorporates a number of weakening misconceptions. In this white paper we list these misconceptions and then discuss a way to win past them to more secure authentication schemes.

  7. The Future of Multifactor Authentication

    MFA with NO usernames — convenient, secure, strong WWPass® authentication moves beyond the password to protect both your data and your users.

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