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Forget about your usernames and passwords and save your brain for more important things.

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Use WWPass Key to access all your accounts

Get a unique key, which helps to log in to an unlimited number of accounts and services without usernames and passwords.

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No personal data stored on device
Multiple factors & security layers
Consolidated IDs
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The Key to access all your digital accounts. Each user gets a unique key, which helps to log in to an unlimited number of accounts and services without usernames and passwords.

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Each user has hundreds of different identities

Users need to have the freedom to control their various digital personas. Tailoring these personas to fit a specific purpose and legal enforceability pairs uncompromised security with user-based control.

Self-sovereign Identity

The user can create and control their credentials, without being forced to request permission of an intermediary or centralised authority. This gives the user control over how their personal data is shared and used.

Decentralized Zero-knowledge Storage for Identities

The user has the ability to generate and control unique identifiers, and store encrypted identity data in a secure facility.

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Protected User Identity — PUID

WWPass creates user identification based on PUID, which is a unique string of randomly generated numbers attributed to a particular service.

Encrypted and distributed

All PUIDs stored by WWPass are always dispersed and client-side encrypted at rest and in transit.


WWPass stores all digital identities in a number of datacenters. No single datacenter stores enough information to decrypt data.

Many Digital Personas

The user has as many Digital Personas in form of PUIDs for as many Service Providers the user deals with.

Limitless Data Segregation

Each PUID is unique to the user's relationship with each particular Service Provider. PUID is never shared with other Service Providers.

WWPass electronic identity platform

Flexible, Scalable, Secure, Easy to Use

Strong user authentication

WWPass Key based authentication system without usernames and passwords.

Self-sovereign Identity

Many digital personas created, directed, and stored encrypted by the owner.

Trusted, verified and anonymous if allowed

Digital identity can be verified, if required, in a trusted procedure.

Fraud Prevention

WWPass prevents phishing and identity theft by eliminating the need for username/password logins.

Limitless data segregation

Every combination of a WWPass Key and a Service Provider unlocks a unique data container. This allows for no intersection between datasets (no data sharing between different Service Providers), greatly reducing and fragmenting attack surfaces across the network.

High scalability, availability, and reliability

WWPass technology is based on modern cryptography without certificate authority and digital certificates. WWPass uses the geographically-distributed and well-protected core network. All WWPass data centers are ISO 27001 certified and multi-redundant.

Cross board identity system

Ready for national and international identity systems. All personal data can be stored nationally and all data access and segregation can be tightly controlled.

Zero-knowledge distributed data storage for Identities

WWPass uses the cloud to dramatically improve security. Absolutely no personal data is stored on any physical device, and all protected user identities (PUIDs) are stored in cloud-based data vaults that can only be unlocked using a combination of two keys: one held by the application and the other by the end-user. The resulting system is deceptively simple to use but very complicated to compromise. WWPass has no access to any personal data and encryption keys.