Authentication and client-side encryption technology for convenient, secure access to your data


A better way to protect against data breaches and identity crimes

WWPass replaces usernames and passwords – the leading cause of data breaches and stolen identities – with revolutionary authentication technology. Our patented method of authentication and data storage uses distributed data storage, redundancy, zero knowledge and two-party authorization requirements to provide a simple, secure method for accessing data for multi-factor authentication, client-side encryption or a universal ID system.

Deliver a customer experience as convenient as it is secure


Human-readable credentials, even as we strengthen requirements, fail to protect data. Don’t let your company join the growing list of data breach victims. Only allow data access to those who should have it.


More password requirements and second-factor devices annoy your users without improving security. Provide a simple experience without sacrificing security.


Earn trust in an unsecure world, and you’ll attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

How it works

Our technology encrypts both data and encryption keys and can be scaled up or down to meet requirements for a wide range of use cases, from a quick consumer-oriented version to a comprehensive hardware solution suitable for high-security environments.

WWPass technology is based on three principles:


The user and service provider each have a unique ID, or key. These two keys always remain in separate hands.


When both keys are provided through a secure authenticated and encrypted datalink, WWPass locates the pieces of data associated with this pair of keys, and unlocks a data container for just those data pieces. Each data container is independent and isolated. Only when two parties are authenticated does the data appear.


A secure distributed data storage (DDS) network in multiple geographically dispersed locations stores fragments of confidential data sets.

Our technology is protected by 12 patents in the U.S., Canada, EU and Japan. Twelve data storage nodes that store encrypted fragments of the encryption keys are hosted on WWPass owned and operated servers in ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified data centers.

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Why we're different

Eliminate leading cause of data breaches

Access doesn’t rely on human-readable credentials, keeping data and user identities safe

Fully segregate data

Accounts are completely isolated from each other

Secure data with distributed data storage

Protection from hackers and resiliency for disasters

Improve user experience

One key opens many doors, and there’s no need to remember lists of credentials that may already be compromised

Reduce access management costs

Cut costs from password resets, using SMS as a second factor and using multiple authentication fobs or badges

Protect revenue

Stop users from sharing credentials and access with unpaying freeloaders

Stay flexible

Choose from multiple factors, such as biometrics, for additional security layers to best meet the needs of your organization and maintain compliance with multiple data protection regulations

Maintain compliance

Be sure you meet today's data protection regulations and standards

Upgrade your security approach

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Multi-factor authentication

Eliminate usernames and passwords to protect sensitive data and gain the convenience of a single PassKey, our secure electronic ID, to access all accounts.

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Client-side encryption

Securely store and manage access to confidential data with a combination of data segregation and encryption.

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Universal ID

Give users the convenience of one consolidated, digital ID while improving the protection of confidential data and personally identifiable information.

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