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Be Proactive against today's most common attacks. WWPass integrates into your existing Identity infrastructure offerings and works with industry standard authentication protocols.

According to Version’s DBIR, between 80-85% of reported incidents involve valid credentials whether during initial access or lateral movement. This makes traditional username and password a critical weakness in cyber security. Existing solutions don’t go far enough and only add complexity to an insecure and inconvenient system. A WWPass Partnership will empower you to offer our proactive and versatile authentication solution to your clients and drive growth by expanding your offerings.

WWPass Partnership Program
is perfect for

ISVs (independent software vendors)

The WWPass ISV Partner Program is designed for SaaS companies that are eager to offer their customers secure multi-factor authentication natively integrated into their SaaS product. It enables partners to increase the value of their products by providing their customers a secure way to log in.

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Strategic partners

The WWPass Strategic Partner Program is designed for companies that specialize in sales and revenue process, strategy, technology selection, implementation, and outsourcing services (MSSPs, MSPs, VARs, distributors, etc). It enables partners to generate revenue by implementation of WWPass technology.

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Why Partner With WWPass?

Simply put, we’re committed to security. Join the WWPass partnership program to drive growth through making your clients more secure.

Maximize your sales potential

Take advantage of our comprehensive marketing support and resources

Unlock new revenue streams

our mutually beneficial profit sharing agreement and keep 100% of your installation fee

Accelerate your sales team's success

Through Our Educational resources and detailed documentation

Partner with us

tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients

Say goodbye to Usernames and Passwords

With our secure authentication solution, we eliminate the weakest links in cyber security

How to apply

To apply, you will need to create an account with WWPass and upload your information to that account. At WWPass, we do not use usernames and passwords. These kinds of credentials are the leading cause of data breaches and identity theft. Instead, we use a secure universal digital key, which is a mobile app called WWPass Key. To create and access your WWPass account, it is first necessary to download and install this free mobile app.

Apply in 3 easy steps:

  • Download WWPass Key app
  • Sign up to your WWPass account by scanning the QR code with your app
  • Complete and submit the application form using your account

Featured Integrations

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