No usernames, no passwords, stronger protection: multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Usernames and passwords are the root cause of 81% of data breaches. So, stop using them.

Usernames and passwords only provide an illusion of protection, and increasing their complexity perpetuates the problem by frustrating users and service providers without improving security. With WWPass’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, you can say goodbye to lost time, resources, data, privacy, financial losses, and damage to reputations and lives.

It’s time for password-less authentication Learn why

A secure MFA solution that protects sensitive data, while maintaining convenience

WWPass provides users with a single secure electronic identity that allows access to many websites, applications and other systems. It’s easy to combine with biometrics and PINs if you require additional verification factors, and users can revoke and securely restore lost credentials.

Password-less authentication

Get a more secure way to log in to web applications from e-commerce sites to enterprise systems to SaaS applications.

Smartcard emulation

Emulate contactless smartcards with virtually unlimited capacity to store digital certificates for secure access to MS Windows, VMware and email encryption.

Additional integrations

Integrate with your existing identity access management (IAM) systems for added security layers, including IBM ISAM, Microsoft Active Directory or other off-the-shelf and proprietary IAM systems using SAML and OAuth2.

Securely manage passwords

One WWPass Key, many accounts

One secure electronic ID, or WWPass Key app, logs users into any of their online accounts.

One WWPass Key, many forms

Choose whichever WWPass Key is most convenient for your business:



With the WWPass Key app for Android and iOS devices, you turn users’ smartphones into secure keys that replaces usernames and passwords.



The WWPass Key Smartcard is a versatile option that can be used simply as a security token or for an all-purpose access ID card.



Use the WWPass Key USB/NFC dongle, a security token that logs you in to WWPass-supported services in just one easy step.

How it works

  1. The user presents a WWPass Key to log in to your app or website.
  2. WWPass mutually authenticates both your app or website and the user’s WWPass Key, and obtains their unique identifiers, which are used to create a pointer to a set of application-specific data containers. These data containers are used to store the user’s identity and sensitive application-specific information.
  3. WWPass sends the information stored in the data containers to your app or website via a secure channel.
  4. Your app or website verifies the information received and logs in the user. The user’s identity is unintelligible to attackers, and is never disclosed to WWPass itself.

If a WWPass Key is lost or stolen, it can be disabled and restored through our recovery process to keep all linked accounts intact.

Why we're different

Quick, secure password-less login

Eliminate human-readable credentials as first factor, keeping data and user identities safe.

Strong right-factor authentication

Enable multiple factors and security layers to best meet your security needs and maintain compliance with multiple data protection regulations.

Secure distributed data storage

Data is encrypted and stored across multiple storage nodes for protection from hackers and resiliency against disasters.

100% data privacy

Accounts are completely isolated from each other to ensure data cannot be accessed by anyone other than the owner.

Compatible with any web service

Provide the same simple experience, no matter how your users access their accounts.

Easy installation and setup

Simple integration into virtually any web-based environment and access management systems, with outstanding scalability.


What’s your right-factor authentication solution? See how your MFA solutions stack up.
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