What is WWPass?

WWPass is an authentication service that secures your accounts without usernames and passwords. Instead of remembering and typing your login info, we grant access through our authentication application called WWPass Key.

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What’s wrong with passwords?

Usernames and passwords are easily stolen. From phishing attacks to network intrusions, your login info will always remain vulnerable.

Knowing your login and trying to keep it safe isn’t enough, so we devised a system where your primary login is something you have.

How do you replace passwords?

Instead of proving your identity with a username and password, you use your WWPass Key app — an authentication application that only you possess. This password-less system prevents revealing data to anyone, which defends against common hacking attempts.

How is WWPass different?

  • No usernames or passwords to prove identity
  • Same login for multiple accounts
  • Superior protection of a distributed data store network
  • Save time, eliminate password recovery
  • Drastically reduces costly data breaches

What does WWPass authentication QR code consist of? How secure is it?

The only thing the QR code contains is a random authentication session ticket, which does not disclose any user information to attackers. This is an important difference between WWPass QR codes and QR codes used by other companies/authenticators, which often encode unnecessary and unsafe personal identifying information.

It is important to remember 3 things about QR Codes:

  1. They are just a transport tool, and how the tool is used is the most important factor regarding your security.
  2. If a company encodes things like personal identifying information or usernames in a QR code, this is both unnecessary and unsafe –WWPass does not do this; only a random authentication session ticket is used.
  3. Even if someone stole your WWPass Key, they can’t automatically get in everywhere just by scanning the QR code –an additional verification factor like a PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition would also be needed. Additionally you can restore your WWPass Key app onto a new mobile device, which will instantly block the stolen WWPass Key.

What encryption do you use?

We use well-established encryption algorithms and cryptographic protocols which are industry-standard and have no reported vulnerabilities. WWPass utilizes RSA-4096 for Service Provider certificates and AES-128/3DES for WWPass Key app authentication. For PassHub, we use AES-256 for symmetric and RSA-2048 for asymmetric cryptography.

How do I get started?

For anyone wanting to upgrade their security and skip passwords, you can download WWPass Key app and start using PassHub for free right now!

WWPass Key

What's a WWPass Key?

A WWPass Key is our physical security device that comes in the form of a USB token or Smart Card. It works as a cryptographic microcomputer that replaces usernames and passwords to log you in faster and more securely.

How does WWPass Key work?

When you navigate to an enabled website or service, the screen will display [Log in with WWPass Key]. If the WWPass Key is connected, authentication just requires one button tap.

What if I lose my WWPass Key?

You can manage a lost WWPass Key by visiting Key Services. You will need your Service Key and PIN to activate/deactivate/recover it.

What if I lose my Service Key?

Service Keys can be deactivated and reactivated with another Service Key. Two Service Keys come standard with each set as backup options. Losing all of your Service Keys means you won't be able to manage your WWPass Key.

What if I forget my PIN?

You can reset your PIN anytime through Key Services if you have a Service Key.

What else can I do with WWPass Key?

With WWPass Key, you can log you into any of these WWPass-enabled services—never rely on usernames or passwords again. Log into PassHub, which makes signing into your password-based accounts faster and far more secure.

WWPass Key App

What’s WWPass Key app?

WWPass Key app is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that turns your mobile device into a convenient WWPass Key. It will allow you to log into PassHub or any WWPass-enabled website without installing any software on a computer. Watch it in action!

How do I use WWPass Key app?

You can authenticate quickly and securely on any WWPass-enabled website or application without a username or password. Instead of a password form field, the login screen presents the WWPass QR code which you scan with your WWPass Key smartphone app.

When you need to login just on your smartphone, tap the QR code to activate the WWPass Key App and it will automatically activate!

Does WWPass Key app activation require a computer?

No, a computer is not required. You only need access to the email address you provide during activation and your smartphone.

Can I have the same WWPass Key app installed on multiple devices?

Currently, WWPass Key app is limited to one key per device. They cannot be used interchangeably or duplicated to another smartphone.

How is my WWPass Key app protected?

Your PIN provides a solid additional authentication factor, like a debit card. WWPass Key app itself utilizes multiple authentication factors by design. And when you lock your smartphone, it becomes far more scure than a password alone.

How do I get the WWPass QR code on my website?

Developers can add the QR code to their website or service in a few simple steps. Instructions are available here.

Don't hesitate to contact us for information or support!

What if my phone is lost, damaged, or stolen?

Restoring your WWPass Key app is as simple as installing the app on your new phone and running the Recovery option. Instructions are available here.

We recommend setting up recovery in the event of a lost WWPass Key app if you haven’t already. Recovery setup can be done anytime through the in-app settings. WWPass Key app information on the old device will automatically deactivate.

I forgot my PIN. How do I reset it?

Setting a PIN is crucial to securing your WWPass Key app, and it cannot be reset. PINs are required as a secondary authentication factor and for associating your WWPass Key app to your device.

What if I did not get my validation email?

Check your junk mail or spam folder. The sender should be noreply@wwpass.com. Also, verify that the email address you provided is the correct email address. If this does not help, please contact us.

My WWPass Key shows ‘Error 500’. What do I do?

Multiple issues can cause Error 500. Try to repeat your last operation, most of the times the error resolves automatically.

If your WWPass Key consistently displays Error 500 and you are using an Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, this error may be caused by restoring your device from an unencrypted backup. If that is the case, remove WWPass Key from your device and reinstall it from App Store. Once reinstalled, restore you WWPass Key with the email address you used to create WWPass Key backup.

In any other case, contact us at support@wwpass.com.


What’s PassHub?

Most online services will still require passwords. For your password-based accounts, keep them in PassHub: WWPass’s free password manager. Your login info is kept in a secure directory, or safe, which are accessible only through WWPass Key or WWPass Key app.

How is PassHub better than other password managers?

PassHub’s authentication system counters data breaches or leaks because it’s secured with WWPass Key app, not another password. Also:

  • It works with any browser and any device
  • Our interface is streamlined and non-intrusive
  • Unlike others, we CANNOT access your passwords
  • It’s open source and free! Try it out yourself!

Can PassHub employees see my passwords?

No, your passwords are only accessible to you or the users you authorize. We want to maximize everyone's security, so WWPass Key app is the only way to read data within PassHub.

Can I share passwords with my friends or team?

Yes! You can share your password safe with anyone who has a WWPass Key or WWPass Key app and access can be granted or revoked at any time.

Select “Share” from the safe drop down menu to generate a sharing code. Sending this code to employees will allow them access to your safe after a few easy steps and final confirmation from you.

Does everyone need a WWPass Key to see my passwords?

Yes, WWPass Key or WWPass Key app is the only way to authorize access to PassHub. This feature minimizes the overall exposure of your login info, making it one of the most secure methods of accessing accounts.

Can I host PassHub on my server?

We provide PassHub for free on our network, but we understand if you want to take extra security precautions. PassHub is open source, and you may host it wherever you like.

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How long will it take to set this up for my team?

It depends on how many users you need to register and the type of devices you wish to integrate, but you can be up and running in less than a day.

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