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Technical Sales Support Specialist

Posted May 24th, 2022


  • Department: IT
  • Reports to: Director of Sales
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Location: Nashua, NH
  • Working hours: M-F 9 am to 5 pm
  • Working from home is not available

Key Information

United States, Nashua, NH

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Developing technical sales presentations, product demonstrations and technical documentation;
  • Identifying customer’s technical needs by asking detailed questions and presenting solutions that target those needs;
  • Educating customers on best practices of security of access, IAM and data protection;
  • Answering customer technical inquiries, scheduling meetings, and sales appointments, and following up with customers about their project status;
  • Providing technical assistance to sales team during pre-sales and post-sales process;
  • Resolving product or service requests regarding engineering, technical or software issues;
  • Developing and monitoring performance indicators for sales and staff members, managing sales tracking tools, and compiling reports;
  • Recording sales trends and liaising with account managers to develop successful sales strategies;
  • Creating and processing technical customer requests in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Managing customer accounts, following up with customers, and providing support and troubleshooting assistance for technical problems;
  • Scheduling customer meetings and conferences.

Required Skills:

  • MS degree or equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science, MIS or a comparable field;
  • 3+ years pre-sales engineering experience;
  • Experience with multifactor authentication and password-less authentication;
  • Experience with network security protocols (eg. OAuth, OAuth2, SAML, LDAP);
  • Experience with major IAM platforms (eg Okta, Auth0, Gluu, KeyCloak, etc);
  • Hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas: web (JavaScript, HTML, frontend frameworks) development, mobile (iOS, Android) development, backend (Java, C#, Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby) development, IP-based real-time communications;
  • Hands-on experience in data encryption: PKI, client-side encryption;
  • Databases: Mongo DB, Cassandra, MySQL;
  • An understanding of major security concerns within typical applications. (password hashing, SSL/TLS);
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills;
  • Excellent team working, motivational, interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills;
  • The ability to multitask and quickly switch your focus;
  • An understanding of sales principles and customer service practices.

To apply, please send your resume to careers@wwpass.com or submit the application through the WWPass portal.

How to apply

When applying through the portal you need to create an account with WWPass and upload your information to that account. At WWPass, we do not use usernames and passwords. These kinds of credentials are the leading cause of data breaches and identity theft. Instead, we use a secure universal digital key, which is a mobile app called WWPass Key. To create and access your WWPass account, it is first necessary to download and install this free mobile app.

Apply in 3 easy steps:

  • Download WWPass Key app
  • Sign up to your WWPass account by scanning the QR code with your app
  • Complete and submit the application form using your account