WWPass for Fintech & Insurance Companies

"Future authentication will be largely driven by customer experience, digital transformation and fraud prevention"

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Your clients are dreaming of easy, secure authentication

Shift the focus from a business perspective to the client's perspective.

Customer experience as never before featured:
No Username, No Passwords, No OTPs, No TANs.

  1. Unify strong authentication for all accounts

    Forget usernames, passwords, OTPs, TANs, etc. Embrace a new era of strong customer authentication under the PSD2 Directive through the complete separation of the authentication procedure from identification and authorization.

  2. Digital transformation

    The future of digital transformation belongs to systems that guarantee access without usernames and passwords, and are based on electronic identity. With this, clients are provided with encrypted communication with financial institutions and can digitally sign all documents.

  3. Fraud prevention

    Access to systems and data must be re-designed to prevent identity theft and unauthorized information flow.

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Why use WWPass for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

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