Protect your Microsoft Account with WWPass MFA

Designed to protect corporate platforms such as Microsoft Azure, MS365, SharePoint, Teams, and OWA.

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Data Encryption
Microsoft Applications

Why do you need to secure your Microsoft web-based applications?

Web-based applications are the most critical part of the corporate IT infrastructure. The steady growth of web-based applications in the enterprise IT infrastructure has made Microsoft corporate accounts common attack vectors for hackers.

Using a username as the first step in a login process invites hackers, weakens security, and jeopardizes the whole authentication process.

Login in your Microsoft account without username and password

WWPass solves the challenge of web-based application security with its unique approach: a login without username and password that eliminates human-readable credentials from the entire authentication process.

GDPR, HIIPA, and NIST compliance

WWPass is 100% compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation with respect to strong customer authentication, and ensures confidentiality and integrity of credentials. Additionally, WWPass solution is compliant with HIPAA and NIST (AAL2 and AAL3) standards (NIST 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines).

Installation Requirements

The system seamlessly integrates with existing corporate User Management systems like Microsoft Active Directory, allowing corporate users to gain access to Microsoft web-apps without any additional on-boarding.

  1. Microsoft work or school account

    To utilize WWPass login, users need a single sign-on option, which is only available with Microsoft work or school accounts.

  2. WWPass SSO server

    WWPass SSO server is an open source software from WWPass and Gluu.

  3. WWPass Key App installed on all participant’s smartphones

    WWPass Key is a free App available for iOS and Android smartphones.

  4. On-site or cloud-based AD and ADFS infrastructure

    On top of this you need to install Azure Active Directory Connect.

Professional Installation

From advisory service to complete installation and integration with your IAM System and Microsoft account.