WWPass Single Sign-On: Universal Login without Usernames and Passwords

Combine the convenience of SSO with the best protection of user identity and enterprise applications

Data Encryption

Not all SSO are created equal

Microsoft Applications
Happy hackers,
Unhappy users
  • Phishing
  • Password resets
  • Uncontrolled credintial sharing
Microsoft Applications
Happy users,
Unhappy hackers
  • No usernames/passwords
  • Flexible hardware (phones/tokens)
  • Convenient MFA

Why WWPass SSO?

High Level of Protection

WWPass Single Sign-On (SSO) protects user identity, applications, and data from more than 80% of all cyberattacks on web applications.
Unlike SSO with traditional logins, WWPass SSO users have no usernames and passwords. User Identity is no longer the starting point of a login process. It is rather the result of a highly protected authentication and verification process utilizing a cryptographic authenticator or a token (WWPass Key)

Unprecedented User Convenience

One login for all enterprise applications.
Easy registration and enrollment- bind your WWPass Key to WWPass SSO with a single scan of QR code in your invitation.
Enter all corporate resources just using your WWPass Key.
WWPass Key is also applicable for private applications.
It's easy to revoke and recover your WWPass Key — no need for extensive customer support infrastructure.

Unique Third-Party Identity Provider

WWPass offers you Identity as a Service (IDaaS). Unlike most common identity providers, WWPass protects user identity by cryptography and Zero-Knowledge design.
There is no other place for storage of personal user data except your enterprise. User identification and authorization remain solely under the full control of the enterprise.
The easy WWPass Key replacement procedure has no impact on user accounts, resulting in no need for re-enrollment of users in the event of loss or damage of their WWPass Key.

Highest Compliance Standards

Fulfill Strong client authentication following GDPR, NIST, PSD2, PCI-DSS, and HIIPA for all of your enterprise applications with WWPass SSO made just for you.

Securely manage passwords


No Usernames, No Passwords, No OTPs:
Simply the best login experience ever

Strong Client Authentication

WWPass Key based login without usernames and passwords

Single Sign-On

With WWPass SSO, employees and partners can access applications and services from anywhere all from a single login.

Ultimate Protection for Web-based Cloud Applications

Ideal for employees that work remotely, WWPass strong authentication eliminates the need for VPN protection for cloud-based applications.

Fraud Prevention

WWPass MFA prevents phishing and identity theft by eliminating the need for username/password logins.

Convenience by Design without Sacrificing Security

WWPass SSO is easy to use, but it’s also highly secure. Because there are no usernames and passwords, there’s no need to change passwords or to use OTP, TAN, etc. as additional authentication.

User Self-service

WWPass Key can be revoked and restored by users without interaction with IT administrators and customer support.


WWPass SSO server-based on open source Gluu project: A powerful on-site or cloud IAM solution. When integrated with WWPass, Gluu features strong, uniform WWPass authentication without usernames and passwords.

For the source code and installation instructions see the Github project or Contact our Sales Team.

Fast deployment is guaranteed by Linux packages for Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and Debian, and makes installing WWPass SSO easy on any cloud platform.

WWPass Login

WWPass patented authentication module for multi-factor authentication without usernames and passwords.

Access Management

Secure APIs with central management who can access which resources across your company.

Identity Management APIs

Provision and de-provision users in the WWPass SSO Server with standard identity management APIs.

Directory Integration

Bridge existing Active Directory and LDAP identity systems to give apps secure access to user data.

SSO to Web & Mobile Apps

Configure single sign-on (SSO) to any web or mobile application that supports OpenID Connect, SAML, or CAS for federated identity.

Only Login Solution

A simpler, safer, and faster login experience for any application from any device, whether it is on-site or cloud-based. Compatible with Microsoft Azure, MS365, Teams, SharePoint, G-Suite, AWS, Salesforce, ZOOM, and many other ADFS, SAML, Oauth2, OpenIDConnect, UMA 2.0, RADIUS enabled applications.

High Security

Replacing old fashioned username/password-based logins with strong multi-factor authentication. Use WWPass Key as the primary credential. This eliminates the need for username/password and closes the door to first-order threats ranging from compromised credentials to SQL injections.


WWPass guarantees full compliance in accordance with strong client authentication standards. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and NIST
(SP 800-63-1).

High Availability and Reliability

WWPass guarantees the high availability and reliability of WWPass authentication by using the geographically-distributed and well-protected core network. All WWPass data centers are ISO 27001 certified and multi-redundant.

Professional Installation of WWPass SSO

From advisory service to complete installation and integration with your IAM System and business applications.