PassHub: the password manager that teams and IT admins love

Password-less login

Enterprise-level security with storage and sharing capabilities that won’t annoy employees.

Passwords are often listed as the leading cause of data breaches, but we’re not rid of them yet. As your team continues to rely on passwords, ensure sensitive data is safe behind PassHub’s encryption technology.


Unlike other password managers, there’s no master password to be stolen – PassHub protects your team’s sensitive information with:

  • More secure multi-factor authentication
  • Client-side encryption
  • Secure sharing of passwords

Not only are passwords encrypted while stored in PassHub, they are only ever decrypted on the user’s device. This client-side encryption means that no cryptographic key is ever known to PassHub at any moment, making PassHub a true zero knowledge system.

Here’s what each stored record looks like in a database:

  _id : ObjectId("5a95f182dab32d06ec49080c"),
  data : "rCTAFQMkr0fYMw==",
  folder : "5a95f182dab32d06ec490808",
  iv : "O1mvMPpRXanMOy9xs/qx5w==",
  lastModified : "2018-02-28T00:02:10+00:00",
  SafeID : "5a95f182dab32d06ec490806",
  tag : "yjJYFOOUQbCgPs2UD8TuPw==",
  version : 3


What’s the point of a secure solution if no one uses it?

  • Access PassHub from anywhere on any device without having to install any software
  • Organize usernames, passwords and notes in different safes , and easily share each safe across teams or co-workers
  • Import and export passwords easily (KeePass compatible)


PassHub is designed to integrate seamlessly into your business setup.

  • Cloud-based service ( servers are located in the U.S. and are in Switzerland)
  • Custom on-premise solution installed in your own data center

Why we're different

Client-side encryption (AES-256-GCM and RSA-2048)

Strong multifactor authentication with no master password

Unlimited storage and sharing

Easy sharing between team members

Compatible with any device without requiring software installation

Automatic synchronization between team members and all user devices

Installed on corporate servers, keeping server code under full enterprise control

Compatible with KeePass


Read an in-depth technical explanation of PassHub’s security features including strong right-factor authentication, client-side encryption, and end-to-end encryption.

Fed up with passwords and their illusion of security? Move beyond usernames and passwords to right-factor authentication.
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