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63% of data breaches occur due to stolen usernames and passwords. So why are you storing your logins in a password manager that requires a password to get in?! 
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Still sharing passwords via email or Slack? Passhub makes sharing team passwords easy. Changed passwords are automatically synced to all team members and can be accessed on any device. 

Unlimited users. Unlimited storage. 100% free.



Your team downloads the PassKey Lite app at the App Store or Google Play


With the Passkey App open, have them navigate to PassHub on their desktop browser and see a unique QR code. 


They simply match the camera window in the app with the QR code on PassHub home page. For smartphone access, tapping the QR code in your phone's browser will activate the app.


That's it! Your team is securely logged into PassHub and can start storing and sharing passwords.


 No more writing or remembering passwords. Securely store your passwords in a password vault that you access by using a unique QR code on your mobile device.  

Accessible via a unique QR code on your mobile device, only you can access the information in your encrypted vault — not even we can. All of your data is secured with AES-256 encryption. To learn more, download the free ebook now. 


Unlimited storage

Unlimited users

Unlimited sharing of passwords and notes

Accessible from any device

100% cloud based

Complete anonymity. No one can access your data but you.

Secure login without username and password

100% free

Share Passwords the smart way.

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