Professional Services

WWPass empowers companies to drive business transformation by simplifying and hardening security — from the way that customers log into applications to how IT departments secure access to sensitive business systems and user identities.

Strategic Security Consulting

WWPass strategic consulting group works with your company's security and IT officers to explore all of the opportunities to transform your security ecosystem.

Security Consulting

Leveraging the existing security assets within your company, WWPass consultants harden your endpoints with strong authentication solutions where necessary. Identifying and mapping out how sensitive data flows through your organization allows our consultants to classify datasets by risk profile and develop multiple layers of data security implementations that meet your business, risk and compliance needs.

Security Ecosystem

WWPass' teams of strategy consultants and system architects have deep experience in the multi-discipline requirements and processes of building complete security ecosystems. Offering WWPass products and solutions on the market, we know what security by design means.

System Integrations

Whether your are implementing a new strong authentication and data security layer to your existing systems, or replacing a layer in your current stack, WWPass implementation and business continuity teams will work with your enterprise to pilot, test, integrate and deploy your new solution, ensuring that it works with your entire data security ecosystem. Our best-of-breed approach is vendor-agnostic; WWPass systems work alongside and communicate with most security systems and all components of your IAM and security stacks.

Application-Specific Solutions

Developing a secure web service that leverages strong authentication or securing cloud datasets has never been easier. WWPass can work with your company to embed authentication, data protection and communication security solutions — just to name a few — in a way that feels native and intuitive to the user. We can also help your business adjust or evolve your internal security protocols as needed based on the desired level of integration.

Securely manage passwords
WWPass products installations

A simpler, safer, and faster login experience for any application from any device, whether it is on-site or cloud-based. Compatible with Microsoft Azure, MS365, Teams, SharePoint, G-Suite, AWS, Salesforce, ZOOM, and many other ADFS, SAML, Oauth2, OpenIDConnect, UMA 2.0, RADIUS enabled applications.

Integrations with third parties web apps

We help you to integrate WWPass secure logins for Microsoft Azure, MS365, Teams, SharePoint, G-Suite, AWS, Salesforce, ZOOM, and many other ADFS, SAML, Oauth2, OpenIDConnect, UMA 2.0, RADIUS enabled applications.

Electronic Identity technology support

We consult, advise, and support you by design and implementation of your infrastructure project for your Electronic Identity System. We share our know-how for secure store, access, and management of electronic identities.

WWPass Network on site

Interested in getting WWPass infrastructure as your own cloud? We consult and design the system with you to guarantee the transfer of our expertise. We support your own WWPass systems by extensive consulting, troubleshooting, and training.

Professional Advisory

Realize the business value of implementing WWPass technology for your security needs.

Advisory Teams with years of experience

We will work with your enterprise security team to implement, test and refine your security ecosystem.

Opening new horizons

Integrating each application with WWPass actually simplifies your security ecosystem: the applications are only limited by your imagination.

Professional Support

The way that a security solution is implemented is just as important as the way that it is designed. WWPass' professional services team has years of experience in implementing WWPass technology for companies ranging in size from start-ups to large enterprises. Our partner network allows us to bring together best-of-breed partners to build complete solutions based on WWPass technology for our customers.