Secure Your Zoom Accounts with WWPass MFA and Gluu SSO

Protect Your Remote Workers and Your Business

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Covid-19 has rocked the world, and businesses are scrambling to adapt. Remote working and virtual meetings are now standard, and we can expect them to be like that for some time. As a result, video conferencing platform Zoom has seen its users grow by 2000%. Unfortunately, their security hasn’t kept up.

That’s why WWPass and have teamed up to deliver a simple, elegant solution that ensures all your business calls are safe and secure.

Why You Need to Secure Your Zoom Accounts

Hackers love easy targets, and with so many new users, Zoom has shot to the top of their list. No doubt, you’ve heard of “Zoom bombing,” the practice of hacking into live meetings. But the bigger threat for most organizations is actually sophisticated phishing scams designed to steal login credentials.

Using fake emails and login pages, hackers have been registering thousands of domains designed to trick remote workers into revealing their usernames and passwords.

And they’ve succeeded. To date, there have already been more than 500,000 stolen Zoom accounts sold on the dark web and in hacker forums.

WWPass Login Protects Your Business Zoom accounts from Phishing

If your company is using Zoom, then securing logins is an essential step to protecting your business. WWPass and provide companies with an easy, elegant and cost-efficient solution that eliminates the threat posed by Zoom phishing scams.

WWPass + Gluu is a unique integration of the Gluu Single Sign-on and WWPass Multi-factor Authentication. This solution combines seamless single-sign on with multi-factor authentication that protects sensitive data, while making logging into Zoom a snap.

Best of all, users can ditch insecure usernames/passwords and social logins with WWPass Key app for iOS or Android. Using WWPass + Gluu, your employees can sign into Zoom Business and Enterprise accounts quickly and securely each time.

Once Gluu Single Sign-on is configured and connected to your company’s Active Directory, users utilize WWPass to log into Zoom to start or join a conference as a trusted party. It’s really that simple.

If your company does not have Active Directory Gluu can be used as a standalone User Management system.

WWPass with Gluu SSO is 100% compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in respect of strong customer authentication and ensures confidentiality and integrity of credentials.

Additionally, WWPass with Gluu SSO is compliant with HIPAA and NIST (AAL2 and AAL3) standards (NIST 800-63-3Digital Identity Guidelines).

In order to use Zoom with SSO based on Gluu server with WWPass MFA, enterprises need to have met the following installation requirements:

  • A Zoom Business or Enterprise account.
  • Gluu Single sign-on server integrated with WWPass login support.
  • WWPass Key App installed on all participant’s smartphones.
  • The system seamlessly integrates with existing corporate User Management systems like Microsoft Active Directory, allowing corporate users gain access to Zoom without any additional on-boarding.
Can I use WWPass login with regular (free or pro) Zoom account?

Not at the moment. To utilize WWPass login, users need a single sign-on option, which is only available for Zoom Business and Enterprise subscribers. Login to free and pro accounts is completely controlled by Zoom itself. If you feel that this option would be beneficial for non-corporate Zoom users, please contact Zoom directly and ask them to integrate their platform with WWPass.

What do we need to allow our team members to log into our corporate Zoom account with WWPass?

You will need a Zoom Business or Enterprise subscription, with enabled SSO and approved Vanity URL. Additionally, you need to install Gluu SSO with WWPass multi-factor authentication and a subscription to WWPass authentication services.

Does using WWPass authentication for Zoom cost extra?

It depends on the number of users. We offer a free service for up to 5 internal and 1000 external users. Please check Pricing page for details.

I don't feel smartphones are secure enough for mission critical applications like Zoom. Can I use hardware keys?

Absolutely. WWPass logins support hardware tokens, which are available at Amazon.

Please keep in mind that WWPass tokens only can be used with computers (PC or Mac) running Windows, iOS or Linux.

Can WWPass authentication be used with other services supporting SSO?

Absolutely. The same WWPass + Gluu can control access to any service, compliant with SAML, OAuth2 (OpenID Connect), and Radius protocols. We strongly recommend adding VPN to the list of services controlled by WWPass + Gluu.

I don't have an active directory. Can I still use WWPass to log into my corporate Zoom account?

Yes. Gluu can be used as a standalone User Management system.

Protect your Zoom Account with WWPass Multi-factor Authentication