468: WWPass – how PassHub is protecting user credentials

Feb 18 2018 via The Tech Blog Writer
WWPass VP of Strategy Perry Chaffee and Tech Blog Writer podcast host Neil Hughes discuss how companies can get rid of usernames altogether, recapture revenue instead of leaving it on the table with each customers’ “Forgot your password?” abandonment, the current flawed authentication process that companies have in place and more.

Spectre, Meltdown Hit On-Prem Windows Servers Hardest

Jan 23 2018 via Data Center Knowledge
WWPass CEO and founder Gene Shablygin provides commentary on why enterprises hosting Windows on their on-prem servers were hit the hardest by the Spectre and Meltdown processor vulnerabilities.

PCI's Data Security Standards at a Glance

Dec 14 2017 via SC Magazine
VP of Strategy Perry Chaffee examines the new requirements the PCI Security Standards Council released in March for retailers on authentication and encryption practices, and whether they're adequate to help mitigate the increasing threats. Although these requirements aim to make logging in a safer and controlled action, there are plenty of challenges that retailers and customers face, as the landscape of IT security is constantly changing and the “strong access control” measures used today might not be the case soon.

Smooth and Well Balanced #MIN105 Recap

Dec 13 2017 via Writer in the Thick of It
On Tuesday, December 12, WWPass was chosen to exhibit at Mass Innovation Night’s event, sponsored by Relatively Whiskey, along with other innovative companies Spiro, GoPetie and nutty hub. The team presented its PassHub password manager to attendees and taught attendees about how they can leave the frustration of sharing passwords and resets behind with PassHub.

How Credit Card Authentication is a Ticking Time Bomb

Oct 25 2017 via Retail Info Systems
Many big and recognizable brands such as Kmart and eBay were hit with costly and reputation-damaging credit card breaches in 2017. CEO and founder Gene Shablygin discusses how e-commerce companies and retailers still have so much work to do in order to strengthen IT security, and the latest PCI DSS guidelines that cover all of the elements protecting card transactions.

Why the password must die (and what comes next)

Oct 24 2017 via TechRepublic
VP of Strategy Perry Chaffee, talks to TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson about the death of the password, the drawbacks of biometric security, and authentication trends in the industry. He points out why it is so important for companies to be proactive and find new approached to security, and not just settle for what meets compliance.