wwGate in the Cloud

Logon security made simple.

wwGate in the cloud

wwGate offers a cloud-based single sign-on solution that makes it incredibly easy to ensure safe access to your applications in the cloud.

  • Eliminate the need for username and password pairs
  • Access all applications from a single interface
  • Enhanced two-factor authentication using the WWPass Key
  • Reduce risk associated with multiple logon credentials
  • No costly infrastructure hardware or software required

NOTE: When WWPass Key App recovery is finished, your old phone will not be able to authenticate you at WWPass-enabled sites. This is especially important when your phone is lost or stolen.

wwGate User Experience

Simple, seamless user experience

Your users need only remember one access code to log on to thousands of applications.

Supports SAML 2.0

Whether it’s Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, or any other SAML 2.0 compatible web-based application, wwGate can get you there with ease.

Strong Authentication

Leverages the WWPass Key to provide impenetrable authentication that ensures your users are never impersonated.

wwGate in the cloud

VPN Integration

Simplifies remote access through your SSL VPN.

Reduce Help Desk calls

Your help desk will see a dramatic decrease in password related support requests.

Lower administrative costs

With no infrastructure to manage your IT staff can focus on more important business enablement projects.

Zero capital expenditure

Because wwGate is cloud-based, there are no capital costs or on-going maintenance expenditures.

Always available

Our distributed in the cloud architecture ensures that wwGate is always on and you never have to worry about availability.